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Does it increase artifact's power attack or spell power? Comment by Panthrax Getting sick of not being allow to xmog appearances I "earned" onto other items. Guess I wont be going Beast Master this time round due to absolute worst design ever. Can't even xmog the marksman bows over it. Pathetic Blizzard. Comment by Andrew93 Great guide, thanks! One small thing. The Flickering Timespark got a wrong link for it. The text mentions ilvl, but the link shows the ilvl one. Comment by Darkpossum Great guide. Great resource! Still a lot I don't know.

So going to read it a couple of times, and maybe I will get a handle on it.

Comment by Godsfire Love it, thanks for all the hard work guys! Comment by buzzti Great guide, will be referenced a lot in the upcoming months at least by me. Would make the guide complete. Edit: Everything one could hope for in terms of hidden appearance accquiring is now in there - great job! It said 'Compliments of Applebough', who is a treant fruit vendor in Dalaran. I walked by him, and I got this little message: Applebough notices G'Hanir and tosses you a fresh apple!

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Comment by Nechronox Great guide! Very in-depth, with tons of info. Guaranteed I'll be referring to this a lot once the pre-patch and Legion drops! Thanks, jjanchan. Comment by JohnnyFiction The WW Monk artifact Fists of the Heavens extra Lightning Burst : "when standing still for some time and when falling, electricity will pulse around your character" So the picture makes it look like a jumping electric Slam. Sounds awesome, though I've not yet actually seen this in beta.

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Is there a video of it somewhere? Comment by Kioga Very nice and thorough guide but the Guardian Druid section could use some corrections. None of the other beta testers have stumbled across it since it was removed from the original artifact, early into testing. Comment by TheRealLink Wow, amazing, concise guide! Very helpful and explained clearly. Comment by kcinlive VERY nice guide! Thanks for making it.

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I learned more then I thought I would! Comment by Kimiya Great guide! I just want to add that my fire mage encountered another NPC similar to the blacksmith in Dalaran, who also asked to see the blade and awarded some artifact points. He was in Azsuna, if I recall. Sorry I don't remember the NPC's name! This may suggest there are multiple out there in the Broken Isles who will interact with Felo'melorn! Comment by chrth Very awesome job! Five stars, easily. Mistake I noticed in the Unlocking Appearances section: under "Research the full history of your artifact in your class hall", you have the Balance of Power achievement listed, which is incorrect.

It should be Part of History. Comment by sirarkalots Just a quick questions because I've heard differing things.

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When they say main spec, is it one you choose to do now or the one you chose way back at lvl 10? I watched a video where it looked like he chose to get the Disc priest artifact from the 3 options, and I'm mainly worried about my Shaman because my primary spec was Restoration, but I want to level him as a Enhancement now.

So pretty much, would I have to go delete my one spec to get my other one to be my main? Or do I get to choose which spec's artifact I go after first? Comment by Zaldin Hm, from a quick bit of looking around on wowhead I'd guess that the Demonology Warlock hidden skin comes from the quest that Demonic Logbook on Thal'kiel gives.

Comment by Vinaya01 Absolutely stellar write up. Thanks so much for putting this much effort into it. Comment by mhdoe These kind of guides are the reason I use Wowhead and they should seriously think of offering jjancahn a permanent position with WoWhead. His guides have been very helpful. Comment by Peesneeze I don't know if its all DK artifacts but the Lich King will be a rare spawn at least once in each zone and grant you 50 artifact power and a little speech.

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Just an assumption from blizzards comment of "a few months". Comment by arjay For outlaw rogues it says their artifact is a shield and sword in the artifact by spec section. Comment by braidlock I've been looking but can't find the answer. My main toon of choice is a fury warrior with dual wield.

Since I will be trying to upgrade 2 weps right from the git go, does that mean It's going to take me twice as long and twice as much power to do? Do the dual wield weps count as one or are they indeed 2 separate weps? Per the chart above up through lvl 13 First 13 points in your primary Artifact Trait tree: For ONE Artifact Weapon - 6, Artifact Power For TWO Artifact Weapons - 13, Artifact Power I guess what I'm asking is: am I going to need to spend twice as much artifact power as a person wielding a staff, in order to get both these swords to the same level of artifact traits level 13 above?

Or will each level of artifact traits that I upgrade, apply to both swords, since they came as a pair? Comment by SweetHart06 I didn't see it mentioned on here. My question is, can you use duplicates of the same Relic assuming you have two available slots for them. Since Relics don't say "Unique" I'm guessing you can.

Would it be possible to obtain two copies of the Precipice of Insanity relic to put in those two relic slots?

Comment by cgilm Not sure if this is the right place for this question. So my main is a Resto Druid with a Boomkin off spec. So, I will have 2 Artifact weapons to level. What is the best way to level these weapons? When I solo content, I am a boomkin. When I pair with a guildie, I am resto.

I also resto in PVP. Is it better to level the weapons simultaneously or should I level 1 of the weapons till I hit and then level the second weapons? Am I screwed if I get to and havent leveled 1 of the weapons? Can I stream the experience to a specific artifact no matter what spec I am in leveling up another artifact that i am not using in that moment? E: "I usually tank, but after 13 levels of tank artifact traits i would like to start leveling my dps artifact while I play as tank using of curse my tank artifact ". Comment by Bonetear Thanks for making this great guide,5 stars for precise and helpful information!

Comment by Senatin This answered my questions and now I feel "Prepared. Comment by Niascus Just wondering, and I don't know if someone already asked, but are the hidden skins unlock able at launch? Like can I just go get it after the acquisition quests or are most of them like difficulty? Comment by KnightLion Awesome guide thanks this will help so much.

Comment by Coldleo Some of this information is out of date Comment by cgilm I know Legions launches in 2 days but was wondering, do we get the Trip to Dalaran, Artifact Weapon Quest and Class Hall quests right from the start or do we have to do some quests before any of those quests begin? Comment by Scandalf Wish i'd run in to this overview sooner.

Just unlocked my first artifact with outlaw and was wondering where the heck is the only skin i would use with that the Fencer's Reach and started to read up and ended up here, just to find that the bloody skin is not even implemented until some distant future patch. Good start. Comment by DkHZeRa warlock artefact weapon quest takes 1,5 hour. Comment by Zaierra86 Thanks for this guide! It has answered some of my questions.

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I am still wondering this, though: if I'm leveling a paladin as ret, but plan to switch to holy later, will relics become more rare later on making it harder to upgrade another weapon? Only available at level Hidden History - requires that you recover 4 tomes of lore for your Artifact Weapon that are scattered around Azeroth and then Speaking to the Wind Shaman or Hitting the Books All other classes - requires you to place a Research Work Order. Comment by Paspartu Gems arent usable in PvP PvP killers Awarding an additional 50 Artifact Power. Comment by Chadiwicker I tried to transmogrify my Shaman's artifact weapon last night.

It would only let me transmogrify the fist weapon into another fist weapon. I don't want a fist weapon. Is this as intended or is this a bug that a fix will address in later updates? Comment by meganbtoo There is no mention of other perks. My BM hunter got an extra pet, Hati that 'exists' while I have the artifact equipped so I have 2 pets while fighting.

I saw someone with a guardian, but went past too fast to see which class.