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Radio show's 'Code' of success includes affable host, classic who made Code his second hire when Country went on the air in Sunday morning, the ratings game on local airwaves is a one-horse race. . Code's callers are his show's bread and butter – kindred spirits from different walks of life.

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He was published even before graduating from Columbia University in , but it was his Sonata for Violin and Piano in written for his father, John Sr. It was the Clarinet Concerto in that put him in the forefront of American composers. His recordings are numerous, and not just on obscure labels. Generally considered a musical conservative descended from the line of Barber, Aaron Copland, Roy Harris and William Schuman, Corigliano has produced tonal work in the main, but refuses to be pigeonholed.

Style is subtle and innate, technique is something else. Berg, Schoenberg, Kirschner and Schuller all used 12 tone as a technique, but their styles are completely different. Interviewed in his New York apartment, Corigliano is on the phone, frustrated by his inability to get through to Tangier to make reservations for a brief vacation before rehearsals begin at the Met.

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His febrile personality is evident. We all had a dinner meeting, but Levine kept steering the conversation to my doing a full opera. The official offer came less than a year later.

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The terms were generous--on paper. Hoffman, who had been a friend since their college days, says Corigliano asked two things: a libretto to justify the use of melody in a work of dreams, fantasy and ghosts, and a Turkish scene, since much of 18th-Century Europe was gripped by Turkomania. Both being admirers of the opera buffa genre, they created a new term for their project--"grand opera buffa. The librettist himself is about as versatile in his way as the composer.

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He has written plays, books, poetry, screenplays and lyrics for musicals. Once Corigliano and Hoffman worked out the story, the composer began, as he always does, spending a great deal of time on conceptualization by way of diagrams, colored charts and scenarios before a note was written. The men have since died.

Hakan Hagegard and Graham Clark will take their place. The composer and the Met worked together on the rest of the casting. Rumors abounded--suggestions that singers were being ignored or vetoed, the budget was being constantly whittled away, Levine had lost interest in the piece and Corigliano was desperately trying to place the work elsewhere.

The composer at first found difficulty getting the right person on the phone to answer a question. The situation improved rapidly. Corigliano is as flexible and realistic as his bel canto predecessors--Bellini, Rossini, Donizetti--in the 19th Century.

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Holzer's ""meetings"" still take place through his mediums but the conversations recorded? When Mr. Holzer is not busily persuading some irascible spirit that he?

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In this book his trips take him from the East into the Midwest, South and finally to Europe where ghosts have had a much longer life span. Among the blithe spirits encountered or heard of are a parson, a headless railroad conductor, a drunkard and even a stripper. His first book sold 13, copies. Evidently Mr.

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