Spiritual Marriage:The Curse of Illicit Sexual Union

Radio show's 'Code' of success includes affable host, classic who made Code his second hire when Country went on the air in Sunday morning, the ratings game on local airwaves is a one-horse race. . Code's callers are his show's bread and butter – kindred spirits from different walks of life.

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Seems like something doesn't add up on sex surveys-- are men exaggerating their number of partners? Check out what I tell CNN. Women's Health asked me for some kinky ideas to spice up one's sex life. Romper: 5 Easy Postpartum Sex Positions. I provide Romper with some advice on postpartum sex positions. I was interviewed by the NY Post about all the ways in which I've seen bad tattoos sabotage relationships.

This one seems pretty self-explanatory. I answer questions from Salon. I tell NY Post that it's not a good idea to keep trying to have sex when you are exhausted. I explained to Women's Health my position on why sex addiction is not the most accurate label to describe sexually compulsive behavior. I tell Cosmo about the personality traits of monogamous individuals. I explain to Refinery29 why it's so important to not fake orgasms in a relationship. Interesting piece in Women's Health where I am interviewed on how to ask someone your dating about their own dating habits.

I am interviewed by Refinery29 about "Friends with Benefits" relationships. I discuss the difference between privacy and secrecy in this CNN piece on infidelity.

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I am interviewed in this fairly nuanced piece on the pros and cons of porn. I provide tips to new fathers on how they can keep the sex going even when they need to keep quiet. I am interviewed by Headspace, one of the best meditation and mindfulness apps available, on how to become more present. I am interviewed in this intriguing Business Insider article on how often happy couples have sex.

I provide some "technical" advice in this Women's Health piece. I provide some tips for people struggling with panic attacks. I go deep into the sex toy business with Vice. I am interviewed by Women's Health about squirting and what it is. Refinery Turned on by Blood. I am asked by Refinery 29 to comment on why people may be aroused by blood. Refinery Piercing Fetish. I am featured in this very intriguing article on fetishes related to piercing and "needle play. I give some insight into this interesting topic.

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I am featured in this outstanding article in UK's Independent on women and virtual reality porn. I thought this was a fairly sharp and nuanced piece. Recent reports have indicated that there has been an uptick in demand for dominatrixes since Trump took office. I give my insight on this topic to Vice. I give Redbook some pointers on having a 3some for the first time. Playboy Compares 50 Shades with My Research.

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Playboy sent a journalist to watch Fifty Shades Darker, and then compared the movie with the results from my recent groundbreaking research on BDSM. Great article, enjoy!

I was interviewed in Refinery29 about autosexuality, a little known and poorly understood sexual orientation. The Independent, one of the UK's biggest magazine ran an entire feature profiling my new book Modern Sexuality, in light of new proposed UK laws on porn and sexuality.

Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together

Great analysis, definitely check this article out. I was interviewed for this CNN article, exploring the impact of the Fifty Shades trilogy on contemporary sexual life. I am featured in this terrific New York Magazine article, discussing some of the finer points brought up in the earlier article in SELF magazine see listing below. I am featured in this terrific article in SELF magazine on the nuances of the sex addiction debate. I appear in this very informative article on revealing sexual desires to one's partner. Complex asked me to weigh in on this provocative topic.

I appear in Vice. I was asked by Cosmo to comment on this provocative subject.

Narcissism and Sexuality

I'm interviewed, along with a number of my colleagues, in this great CNN article on a controversial topic. I weigh in in this great advice column in Thrillist by Elle Stanger. Great episode, check it out. Alternet: What Makes People Kinky? Alternet does a great job of reviewing my book.

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Check out the link below. We also discuss: harm reduction epigenetics BDSM fetishes partialisms polyamory the darker aspects of psychotherapy when it comes to homosexuality Dr. Check it out by clicking the link below! I weigh in on why people still enjoy erotic literature. Click the link below. What a great review! Playboy says Modern Sexuality is incredible! Click the link to check out the review. I was asked to appear on Australian radio.

It was a very fun segment, will post the link when I have it! I was asked by Cosmo why some men may love the smell of vagina.

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It's kind of an off-the-wall topic, but apparently many people are interested in learning about this! I appear on the Stereo-Typed podcast to discuss my new book, fantasies, and our shadow self. Click the audio player below and enjoy! I appear on the Boom Doctors Podcast to discuss my new book Modern Sexuality and my work as a sex therapist. Clink the link below to listen in. I was asked by Nylon Magazine to weigh in on the subject of porn and what it means about the individual consumer. Will something like this prove effective? The jury is out, but check out what I had to say I appeared on the nationally broadcasted Fusion Network Hotline show to discuss the GOP platform of porn as a "public health crisis.

Neil Malamuth on porn and sexual violence. I thought this was a very thorough and productive half hour, which you can watch below:. I guess this must be a serious issue, as Vocativ tends to focus on reporting on trending topics. At any rate, people seem to really want to know what is the best kind of mattress for having sex, so naturally Vocativ got in touch with me to find out. Check out all the details in the link below. WBAI I cover a lot of substantive and actionable material here, much of which I also include in my upcoming book.

I recently appeared on WBAI We had so much material, we stretched it into 2 hours spanning 2 separate shows. In this first episode we focus on sexological issues, including sex addiction and then the last 40 min or so were almost completely focused on transgender issues.

We also get into some other topics such as newly formed identities such as "otherkin" and the "transabled" and I took some calls from some trans folks. It was a blast. I will post a video clip of the interview shortly. Many people have been wondering about this subject and I weigh in with all the details in this Alternet article on why trans porn is so damn popular with straight guys.

I also provide some resources and citations to get the conversation started on this compelling topic. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details.