Spiritual Marriage:The Curse of Illicit Sexual Union

Radio show's 'Code' of success includes affable host, classic who made Code his second hire when Country went on the air in Sunday morning, the ratings game on local airwaves is a one-horse race. . Code's callers are his show's bread and butter – kindred spirits from different walks of life.

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KickVic: Nick Rekieta is Defrauding Fans? Who is T. Greg Ducette?

Nin - Nin Nini No. Old Man Issue 3 Read More. Probl-o-Matic Collection Read More. Soulfinder: Demon's Match Read More. Sporkman Goes to Japan Read More. ONE Read More. Stardust Digital only campaign Read More. She often deals with themes of finding beauty and spirituality in nature and decay. She loves dark and macabre images.

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Geo is an artist of many media, she has worked in several types of painting, drawing, photography, digital design, printmaking, sculpture, film, and more. She first became known as the creator of Dollfaced Horrors, dolls that bring cute and creepy together in an unusual combination of dark beauty.


Imagine David Bowie, not David Copperfield. Might we see some death-defying stunts at the Chicago Horror Film Festival this year? You will just have to attend to find out! Charles D. Charles has been publishing comic books since , starting with Kremin. Charles can usually be found on his roller skates at Silver Phoenix Entertainment promoting some of the newer titles such as 'Whispers from The Void' where all monsters are reflections of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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  • Panel Pages 8 x 11.5 Comic Book Paper;
  • Philo Barnhart is drawing the second issue. Forget Me Not revolves around recently widowed Eliza Sophie Brooke and her personal journey to self-destruction. Buried in guilt, she must fight her own demons while being haunted by a ghost of her past. After hiding from the world for 30 years in a Monastery, an old dying Monk who believes that he is possessed wants to tell his story before he dies of how he came to be a Monk and the events that led him there.

    A hardcore skeptic reporter from the Times comes to do an interview with the Monk, his beliefs will be challenged and put to the test, is the Monk truly Possessed or just mentally ill? A woman involved in a hit and run while texting, receives a text message from the dead victim of that accident.

    In a big house lost in the middle of nowhere, Jason made the discovery of a old cookbook hidden in his attic. Later, when he decided to prepare a delicious meal for his wife Marie , things do not go as planned … A ghost has taken possession of the house. A mysterious letter leads a writer on a frightening quest for answers and sanity in this experimental horror project.

    What ingredients are in those hydration masks? Will Howie find out what is making his wife so manic? Soon, their obsession with Alto runs wild as they hatch a plan to murder their friend, Consuelo, so they can make Alto come to life. When attending a lurid piece of macabre theatre, a young man is drawn in by the tempting sights. However, his interest may be his downfall as he discovers the line between fantasy and reality is thinner than it appears. Two disenchanted strangers meet in the bathroom of a Halloween party.

    What starts as an unassuming conversation devolves into a desperate struggle for survival. Cheap Plastic Mask is a short, single-setting horror film that infuses the genre with a refreshing dose of reality. Grounded in fully-dimensional, relatable characters responding to increasingly dark circumstances, Cheap Plastic Mask explores the horrors that lurk just outside our everyday awareness, with shocking results. A Man meets a Woman for what appears to be a date, but this meeting turns out to be something far more sinister. Take a journey inside the mind of a lonely and desperate serial killer as he follows his impulses and stalks an unlucky babysitter.

    His disturbed mind dreams of completing the masterpiece he has locked up in his basement. Burlap is a brutal, stylish tale of sickness and survival, told with the stark simplicity of an old campfire tale.

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    A family of Estrie hunters, unite with a demon hunter to destroy a union of dark cults and their demonic companions. Director: Nathyn Masters. Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.