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Radio show's 'Code' of success includes affable host, classic who made Code his second hire when Country went on the air in Sunday morning, the ratings game on local airwaves is a one-horse race. . Code's callers are his show's bread and butter – kindred spirits from different walks of life.

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Our characters shape our destiny. They are the treasure chest of advantages we have been given. Even our less admirable character traits can be used as gateways to higher potential. Our Sun Sign governs our personality, aspirations, values and beliefs. It has a major impact on who we really are and how we use the advantages we have been given.

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The AstroCoaching series of books look at the reader's Sun Sign and how they can work with this to live a life that is right for them. The tips, tricks and coaching exercises in this book provide the reader with an easy solution - having uncovered areas that they want to work on, they can begin to take action immediately. The reader is spared the 'work' of having to source a coaching book to address the areas of weakness highlighted by traditional astrology - by combining coaching with astrology the time-famished reader is provided with the knowledge necessary to start making changes.

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Janis A. Book Habits. Astro Diary 29th August We are on the verge of a new moon and a new emotional cycle. We are in last 24 hours of closing out the current one. Somewhere inside and outside, we might all feel that energy we have is slow, low and not extrovertedly inclined. We are pulled into the past, into our history and our feelings. During a balsamic moon, energy regresses and is made available for our inner world. It's time to allow our psychic antenna and our inner visions to guide us rather than the intellect.

It suits those of you who are accustomed to navigating in the dark. It's a rich fertile time though many find this place emotionally heavy, draining, disturbing. We are closing out a chapter that began on August 1st.

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This Leo moon it takes courage to accept what we love, desire and have ambition for may have to be kept on the backburner for now. While core or essence of it continues to grow in and into our life in ways we haven't anticipated or can conceive. Possibilities only expand when we can let go of the one idea we dearly hold on to.

Mercury is also moving on from the inspiration of Leo into analytical and technical Virgo. Our minds turns to things of a practical nature, communication gets sharp, detailed and to the point. Until tomorrow, follow the balsamic moon's wisdom : read my blog by clicking on link in my profile followed by Blog in the banner. What is Psychological Astrology? Astro Diary 26th August It's a brand new week, one that starts a new lunar cycle but also where energy of change and innovation is extremely potent right at the get go.

Here's an overview. Sun is in Virgo, on a psychological level, it means our individuating ego takes on the qualities of this sign. We develop a keen eye for detail and discern what works and what doesn't. We are also connecting with drive for self improvement and a better connection with our body. With Virgo, its good to consider what we take in, nutritionally and otherwise. Virgo is an earth sign and concerned with things that are of a real, material and practical nature.

Earth is strong all week along with a strong Uranus energy. If you have been wanting to create a change and push forward things that maybe new, untried or slightly out of your comfort zone, this is the week that builds momentum to try it.

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When there's such strong mercurial and Uranian energy involved, there's a fair chance of creating anxiety and taking on too much or focusing in too minutely on the details. Remind yourself that its far more helpful and self nourishing to do "small things with great love". Do one thing and do it well and differently without overthinking.

As for today, with the moon's light waning, it's wiser to focus energy on things that have long been cooking inside. A spirit of rebellion, of wanting to reform and create a difference can bring creative and innovative solutions. We are wrapping up projects, things that begin at the Leo new moon.

Moon also comes up to the last quarter square. All of this lending the day a reflective quality. The fire and inspiration of Leo season is concluding in the next few hours. Leo highlights our solar potential, the discovery of our capacity to create, to express and own that creation. What did we discover about our self this past month? How did Leo's fire show up in your life?

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Half way through today, we get a first taste of Virgo Sun, an earth energy that is about productivity, practicality and craftsmanship. We get to work! Moon shifts from Taurus to Gemini, encouraging us to talk, connect and communicate. There's a lot of mercurial energy in the air, great for writing, planning, strategizing and finding a way. You can also read the blog by clicking on the banner. Comment, Like or Share. Astro Diary 21st August With the Taurus moon into its 2nd day, Venus its ruler become even more highlighted especially as it has just changed signs.

Any change in Venus movements, reflect a change in capacity to relate, to connect and build bridges.

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